Delivery Unlimited

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Individual Services

Nietos & Associates offers Individual Services with reliable performance and every precaution is taken to maintain our customers’ privacy. Rest assured your items will arrive on time and delivery verification is available. Great option when time is of the essence. Contact us to find out more about this and other services.

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Business Mailbox Service

Our mail service can be used for all your package deliveries and even your regular mail. We will take receipt of all your deliveries and forward them to you within 48hrs. Customers save time and money, especially our international business customers. The US address allows them the freedom to conduct their business as never before.

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Business Fulfillment Services

Huge shipping discounts of up to 20% and the freedom to choose your carrier and method preferences to stay within your budget. All packages are handled as priorities. They are inspected for shipping damage and other issues. Photographs of the package are forwarded to the customer and we will await further instructions in regards to forwarding.

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Logistics Solutions and Mail Processing

Outsourcing your mail and shipping can be a huge decision for a lot of companies. However, we believe that once you experience the level of service we are able to provide and realize the incredible financial savings that come with that decision, you will agree it is the best choice for your business.

Our reputation speaks for itself and our loyal customers are the best marketing tool. Call us today to find out all the ways we can save you time and money.

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US Phone Lines

Reliable phone service with perks like call waiting and voicemail at phenomenal savings. No expensive equipment or re-wiring is necessary. Set-up is easy – simply plug in and you are up and running. Pay only domestic call rates instead of higher international rates when using your US phone number.

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Personal Shopper

Our personal shoppers will find you the perfect gift or locate all the items on your shopping list at the best values. We even price shop for you and find the lowest cost for your items. Live like the rich and famous for a fraction of the cost!

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Virtual Office

If you are trying to grow your business in the United States but are located overseas, the costs can be daunting to set up shop on the other side of the world. Our phone and address services allow you to create a virtual presence in the States and expand your business on a global level.

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U.S. Phone and Address Services

Create a legitimate US presence and save money doing it. Our mail and phone service allow you to conduct business with vendors and contacts in the States while keeping communication costs down. All outgoing calls made to the US are billed to you at domestic rates rather than the costly international rates you would normally pay. Your contacts in the US also benefit because when they call you – they also are only charged domestic call rates even though you may be halfway around the globe.

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Gift Wrapping

Have your gifts professionally wrapped by our creative staff. Select from a huge variety of papers and accessories to personalize your gift. You can even have the wrapped gift sent directly to the gift recipient or to your address. The cost of this plan is less than wrapping the gift yourself!

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Shipping Methods

No other company offers the pricing we do and they certainly do not offer the options and variety that we do. Our customers are not lacking for selections and choices when it comes to shipping. Choose carriers and methods and select your preferences. There’s something for everyone.

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Shipping Rates

No one, simply no one, offers better variety and lower shipping rates than we do. We have a vast network of shippers that allow us to negotiate great rates for our customers. Take a look at our competition, we dare you – we know you will find that what we claim is true.

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  • I'm based out of Mexico City, but my clients and customers are primarily in the United States. Before I found, I was paying huge shipping rates, and arguing with customs at least once a week. Now, those headaches are a thing of the past. Thank you!

    Ann Daw

  • Once I left Kentucky and moved to Spain, I learned just how difficult it can be to get my favorite health care products, since they're all made in small factories in the States. Thanks to, however, I can get whatever I need shipped straight to me, without any fuss. A lifesaver!

    Robin Rosenau

  • has literally saved my business. Before I found this company, I was struggling to stay afloat, operating with a Chilean address and clients throughout the US and Canada. Now I have a US address, and my client Base has exploded! I can't say enough good things.

    Maira Breton

  • For the last decade or so I've gone through a number of shipping companies, always trying to find that perfect fit. Finally, I have. has the most professional customer service, the quickest shipping times, and the best prices, whether I'm in New York or Amsterdam. A++

    Jodee Parrett

  • When I took a year long sabbatical to study sea life in Sri Lanka, I searched long and hard for the best solution for my incoming mail. has me covered, every step of the way. Now I can focus on my research without worrying about missing any crucial correspondence!

    Alejandro Steil

  • I've been using for a while now, and I can honestly say this is one of the best services I've added into my life. I primarily use their personal mailbox service so I can have quick access to mail I receive within the US, without having to wait for it to get forwarded to my home in Nicaragua.

    Gracie Fresquez

  • I have to order a lot of small packages from a variety of companies in order to supply my jewelry making business in Holland. has made the whole process so easy and efficient. My favorite feature is the ability to consolidate these little packages into one big box. Saves me money!

    Tyrone Nephew

  • I live in Santa Lucia, and have to order a lot of things from overseas for my import business, so having a reliable shipping company in my corner is important. is perfect for all my needs. They take care of the logistics so I can focus on what I do best. Thank you!

    Vella Ryans

  • I've used for a few shipments, now, and I think I'm here to stay. Unlike other companies, who are often late or lose my packages, this company is always on time or early, and 100% professional. Shipping to my office in Johannesburg has never been easier!

    Dell Turnbough

  • I have to say, I am blown away by's customer service. I had three packages arrive in their facility last week, and they let me know exactly what was inside just hours after they got the shipment. Then, my things were packed back up and on my doorstep in Leeds in record time. Great job!

    Tynisha Strayer

  • I love how easy it is to pick out exactly the shipping options I need with Sometimes I'm in Europe, and sometimes I'm home in Boston. No matter where I am, and what I need, they have me covered. I'll never worry about a lost letter or package again!

    Polly Lena

  • When I moved from Dallas to Oaxaca, I couldn't believe the struggle I had making sure my online orders arrived safely and on time. I tried a few shipping companies, but I keep coming back to Their tracking system and customer service skills are above and beyond amazing!

    Jake Salas

  • I love that I have the option to use freight shipping through I ship large orders of parts between my factories in Dallas and Baton Rouge, and this route saves me a bundle on each shipment. This is one company I happily refer friends and colleagues to.

    Yuette Raffa

  • Reliability is essential in my line of business. Any late packages or mixed up orders can cost me customers, and I can't afford any mistakes. Thankfully, is the most dependable shipping agent I've come across. So glad I found them!

    Tammara Maire

  • I use both in my work, and for personal shipping solutions when I'm home in Tucson. Being able to combine my shipments into one big package means less hassle and better prices for me. Always a good thing! I can't think of a better way to get products where they need to be.

    Veola Geisler


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