How do I get my U.S. address?
Create an account on our website and then select the services and preferences you desire. The detail information for the address will be provided to you.
Are these addresses PO boxes or actual physical locations?
The addresses utilized by our clients are actual physical locations that are staffed during our business hours by our personnel who are on hand to take receipt of all deliveries. This is great, because many businesses will not ship to PO boxes.
Is this service available to everyone?
Anyone can utilize our services. However, currently the countries of Iran, North Korea and the Sudan are not serviced by us. We also recommend all potential customers research the shipping regulations for their region prior to availing themselves of our services.
How much does it cost to have my deliveries forwarded to me?
Shipping costs will depend on your location, the carrier and shipping method you select. Our site provides you with a shipping calculator to determine estimated costs before you make a selection.
Can you fill out the Customs forms for me?
Customs forms must be completed by the customer. They must be filled out completely and truthfully. If you require assistance, you may contact us and we will do our best to provide you with the appropriate answers.

Your account notifications for delivery will provide you with enough detail so you will be able to determine which packages have arrived so you will know what to enter on the Customs forms. This is helpful when you have more than one delivery expected.

If you forgot what the delivery was for, you can select the “Special Request” option on our website and you can instruct us to open and photograph the contents to send to you.

Do you accept COD deliveries?
All purchases must be paid for prior to delivery and no COD deliveries can be accepted.
Can I use this address for regular mail?
When selecting your services, you can opt to have us process your regular mail in addition to package deliveries. It is important to note that if you do not select that specific option, if regular is received at that address it will be disposed of upon receipt.

We offer a Fast Mailout option for your magazines and letters. The fee for this service is $1.00 (one dollar). To utilize these services all customers must fill out USPS 1583 form and provide the required proof of ID documentation.

Can I add other people on my account?
Absolutely. You can add unlimited number of people to your account so that they may have items delivered to the address as well. However, these persons must be real people who can prove their identity if required. Also, at any given time, we may request that all persons listed on the account complete the 1583 form and provide proof of identity.
How do you handle lost packages?
There is a “File a Claim” option on our website to notify us of a lost delivery. This is the only method for claiming lost packages. Please do not e-mail, call or use the chat option for this purpose. We have special personnel who are assigned these investigations and they do not have access to the other communication options.
What if you can’t locate the package?
Unfortunately, sometimes a package is unable to be located. We take every precaution to avoid situations such as these, but often it is simply out of our control. If a package is unable to be located, you will receive a full refund on the value of the package contents. It is imperative that you save receipts for all purchases and hold on to copies of Customs forms in the case that something like this occurs.
What do I do if my package was mishandled?
If you feel your instructions were not followed in regard to your package, please use the “Report A Mistake” option on our website. As with the missing package issue, please do not use any other means of communication to address this issue.

If we discover that a mistake was made on our end, you will be issued a refund. However, if we find a false report was made, there will be a $2.00 fee assessed to your account.

Are there restrictions on what I can ship?
These items are restricted and cannot be shipped:

Firearms or gun parts including the following;

  • reflex sights
  • red dot sights
  • scopes
  • ammunition

The following items are prohibited by ITAR, the Department of Commerce, US Customs & Border Patrol, US Department of Treasury,and US State Department:

  • flammable or explosive materials
  • animals and plant material, either living or dead
  • human remains
  • corrosive materials
  • pornography
  • any item or electronic device that requires an ECCN
What shipping options do I have and can I use my already existing account with a shipper?
We offer a number of options for customers on shipments. There are numerous carriers available for selection and within each carrier option there are multiple selections for shipping methods to choose.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate 3rd party accounts.

What are the acceptable methods of payment?
We have several options for paying on your account: Bitcoin, credit card, wire transfers, and PayPal. (**please make sure there are no restrictions involving credit card payments in your region)

Here is how to make a payment on your account:

  • Log in
  • Choose the “Add Deposit” option
  • Enter and submit all of your payment information

We prefer that any customer making a payment in excess of $500.00 USD be made using a wire transfer or Bitcoin.

Does my account have a spending limit?
Yes, all customer accounts come with a pre-determined spending limit. New accounts will have a lower limit to start off, but we will increase it as you begin to use the service. Any customer using direct payments through our partners, Bitcoin payments or wire transfers have no spending limit.

For a quick way to increase your spending limit – complete a USPS 1583 form along with the required proof of ID. Once you submit that and it is received on our end, your spending limit will be increased by 50%.

Can you explain what the deposit option is?
The deposit option allows customers to put money on their account. This pre-pay offers added convenience for customers to use our services more often. Fees will be deducted automatically from the balance. You can also periodically check the balance and add funds as needed.
Can I pay with a credit card or PayPal account in someone else’s name?
We require that all payment accounts be in the name of the account holder. Any discrepancy in information will place the account on hold and information will have to be verified. Customers may also be asked to complete USPS Form 1583. This form is also necessary if you use USPS for any of your deliveries.

If we find that any account has been paid with a credit card that has been determined to be stolen, the account will be closed immediately. If any account using a 3rd party payment method receives a chargeback, the account will be terminated.

As a vendor of your company, if I receive a chargeback associated with one of your customers, how do I handle it?
Please let us know right away if you receive chargeback information for any of our customers. We will investigate on our end and if we determine that a stolen credit card was utilized, we will see that your product is returned to you.

Any account found to be paid by for by fraudulent means will be closed by us immediately.

We offer a program for our affiliated merchants that guarantees all sales made through our services. This is added protection for your business and we assume the risk including those associated with accepting international payments.


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