Freight Forwarding Services

Nietos & Associates sympathizes with business owners and managers. Your time is not your own. You have multiple responsibilities and are required to do not only your job, but oversee everyone else’s. That’s where we can help. Shipping tasks are not only some of the most costly expenditures your business faces, but also can be the most time consuming. With our Freight Forwarding Services, we handle the daily grind stuff for you and free you up to take care of other pressing business matters. You, the business owner, remain in control.

By selecting us to handle your mail processing and shipping needs, you are making one of the smartest business decisions as an owner or manager that you could make.

Just the man hours alone that you are going to save will not only liberate resources, but will increase your productivity across the board.

We challenge you to find a comparable service out there at a competitive price. Nobody beats our service and rates. Try us – you won’t be disappointed


The Business Mail Forwarding package comes with our Personal Shopper service. This service also allows for you to purchase larger shipments.

Our representatives take receipt of your deliveries and immediately notify you of the arrival. The notification will include photos for your review so you may verify what delivery has arrived and provide us with further instructions.

All of your notifications are secure and private and can only be accessed through your account login.

Provided we receive timely instructions from you, the deliveries will be forwarded on to you within 48 hrs of being received by us.

Customers have their choice of shipping carriers and delivery methods. You can be assured that each of these options comes at the lowest price available. To further save money, our reps will consolidate packages if appropriate to reduce shipping costs.

Our shipping rates are incomparable and we know that you will not find a better quality of service elsewhere.

Our Business Mail Forwarding Service starts at the incredibly low cost of $125.00 per month.


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Customer Service

Our customer service staff is dedicated to your satisfaction. They operate as extensions of your own staff and your priorities and needs come first. There are multiple ways to contact them including phone, e-mail and online chat. You always have the option of talking to a live person for those instances where you need to speak to someone about your issue.

We are always here to help and encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have:

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