Personal Shopper Services

Our Personal Shopper Services are great for people who aren’t very enthusiastic about shopping. Our dedicated personal shopper staff will handle the shopping for you. Once the purchase is made, we can send the package to your address or if you prefer we can handle the delivery and then forward the package on to you. There are several reasons our customers prefer to have us handle the initial delivery of their orders. Often, if the customers live overseas there could be international shipping restrictions. At every point in the process, your information and property are protected.

How to Use the Service

Our staff can work from a list of specific items that you would like to purchase or you can provide them with a general list of what you are looking for – this can be handy when searching for a gift for someone else. An idea of their likes and dislikes will help to find the perfect item.

As personal shoppers are looking for your items, they are also comparing prices looking for the best deal available. Once the items are located, you will be sent notification of their success and the pricing for each item. We require your approval before the order can be placed. You can also let us know where you would like to have the package sent.

If you choose to have us take initial delivery, we will photograph the outer package when it arrives and attach those photos to your delivery notification. You will also be made aware of any issues like damage, etc. if present. Then provide us with the forwarding information and the package will be sent to you within 48hrs.

If the item you purchased is a gift, we invite you to take a look at our Gift Wrapping Services. You can have your present beautifully and professionally gift wrapped by our staff for less than what is would cost for you to do it yourself.

Service benefits:

  • Incredibly low shipping rates
  • Freedom to shop at more online sites
  • Responsive and personal customer service
  • Money saving perks like package consolidation

The Personal Shopper Service is a great value and if used regularly, the service will virtually pay for itself in short time.

Check out the Personal Shopper package and sign up today!


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Customer Service

Our customer service staff is dedicated to your satisfaction. They operate as extensions of your own staff and your priorities and needs come first. There are multiple ways to contact them including phone, e-mail and online chat. You always have the option of talking to a live person for those instances where you need to speak to someone about your issue.

We are always here to help and encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have:

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