U.S. Phone Line Services

Do You Want to be Recognized as an International Business?

We have devised an easy and cost-effective way for foreign non-US businesses to establish presence here in the States. Having the ability to operate on an international scale opens up numerous opportunities and is an opportunity to increase their customer base and sales.

Typically, if a business located overseas wants to expand into the U.S. they are looking at a big expenditure. Finding a physical location to rent or purchase, hiring staff, travel, extensive traveling for owners and managers to set-up everything and get the office off the ground – all this costs money and huge amounts of time. Not to mention all the start-up costs for equipment like computers, phone lines, office furniture, etc. It can be daunting.

Here’s our answer: our U.S. Phone Line Service. This service coupled with the Business Mail Forwarding gives you the Virtual Office experience.

Here’s how it works.

We provide you with a phone number that is based in the U.S. This phone line is published by you for your business contacts in the U.S. When they call you or you call them it is with this U.S. telephone number, giving the impression you are located in the States.

This is great because not only does it open up opportunities previously closed off to you, it gives your customers added confidence in knowing that you operate on an international level. Some customers may experience some reluctance in dealing with a company whose only presence is overseas. The cost of doing business in that scenario can be more expensive.

Having a phone number based in the U.S. means that all calls made from that line to another number in the States gets billed at domestic rates. Even better, your contacts calling into that number also get charged domestic rates. Unbelievable, right? Your customers will be thrilled to know that they won’t be facing huge international rate phone bills as a result of their communications with you.

Here is a list of some common situations where a business would benefit from this service:

  • A business located overseas has a lot of contacts and does a large amount of business in the U.S.
  • A business wants to expand into the States but is not financially capable of doing so.
  • Someone has a lot of family and friends living in the States and wants to reduce the cost of communicating with them.

The cost of acquiring this phone line is very affordable. Not only that, but there are no costly set-up fees or expensive equipment necessary. Once you sign up for the service, we will send you a USB device which you simply plug into your computer and you are ready to go. It doesn’t get any easier.

This phone service comes standard with options like call forwarding, Caller ID and voicemail.

Our business customers may want to check out our Virtual Office Service as it is the perfect complement to the phone line plan.

Call us today and start saving a bundle! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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